What is Habitat Conservation?

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tree plantingHabitat Conservation is a practice that aims to protect, conserve or restore the habitat areas of wild animals and plants. This effort is vital for maintaining balance in the ecosystem. Without ecological balance, all living things including humans as well as all the plants and animals will be in danger of extinction.

There are different types of habitat that need to be conserved or protected:

Habitats that need to be conserved:

Freshwater Habitat – the freshwater habitat is composed of lakes, streams, ponds, bogs and rivers. These natural habitats are home to a wide range of freshwater creatures including fishes that also serve as food to other animals. Aside from that, humans also rely on freshwater as source of drinking water. The freshwater habitat needs to be protected because it is sensitive to human impact.

Seas, Oceans and Coasts – Around 50 percent of living species on earth can be found on seas and oceans. The marine ecosystem has continuously provided people a source of food, medicine and more. However, due to greediness and lack of concern by some people, the marine ecosystem is now in danger. Oil spills, illegal fishing, throwing of garbage, and disposing of other toxic waste to the ocean are just some of the factors that destroy these habitats. Now is the best time to work for their preservation.

Forests – Many wild animals, birds and plants consider the forests to be their home. Forest plants also take in carbon dioxide and give in oxygen which is necessary for all living things. But with widespread deforestation and degradation due to forest fire and human activities, this type of ecosystem may not be able to support life 20 or more years from now. It is reported that around 80 percent of the forests in the world have already been irreparably degraded or destroyed. And if this destruction will continue, there will be no more forest to support life in the future.

Prairies and Grasslands – the prairies and grasslands also support a wide variety of plants and animals. Economic growth and development claimed more than half of these habitats for use as golf courses, commercial spaces and human settlement.

Deserts and Arid lands – Many animal species that are most adaptable can be found in deserts and arid lands. While this type of habitat may seem to be inhospitable to animals, if you will look closely, it is teeming with life. Small changes in the precipitation and temperature in these dry lands could greatly impact the life that they support. But due to global warming, drastic changes in the weather are now common in these areas.

These are some of the habitats that support the life of plants, animals and human beings. Their destruction could also mean the destruction of the life that depended on them. People have an important role to play to conserve these habitats. Even in your own home, you can do something for their conservation. For instance, using environment-friendly products as opposed to using toxic chemicals can positively impact the environment which also serves as our habitat. If you like a bigger role, you could also volunteer with organizations that focus on habitat conservation. Even the simplest habitat conservation effort that you do now can help save and conserve these habitats.

How to Do Your Part in Protecting Wildlife

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butterflyWe often hear of organizations urging people to help protect wildlife. But not so many understand their would-be roles if they even want to help and really be proactive in this goal. Protecting wildlife is something not so many people are aware of.

Many of our wildlife became endangered species or are already extinct because of several factors such as destruction of their natural habitat. But the human factor is almost always there. People destroy their natural habitat by deforestation or throwing toxic chemicals in bodies of water. They also hunt wild or exotic animals for their fleece, horn, teeth, or for other parts of their body. Each animal is vital for the balance in the ecosystem. If we will not act now to save them, our future will be at stake.

Protecting the wildlife is everybody’s job. You can do it regardless of your age, gender, financial or educational status. Here are simple ways to do it:

  • Train your cat to be an indoor pet. It is okay for cats to hunt for mice inside your home because they are really a natural predator. However, if left inside your home, the natural instinct of cats is to hunt vulnerable birds.
  • Make a decision with due consideration to wildlife. For instance, if you plan to cut a tree or clear a forested area in your property, consider the wildlife that may have depended on it like the birds and other insects.
  • Provide food and water. For some animals especially birds, it can be difficult to find food during summer and winter. It will really help wild birds and other insects if you can provide a birdfeeder and a bird bath or a small pool in your garden.
  • Do not use chemicals in your garden. Spraying pesticides and other lawn treatment could be harmful to the environment and to animals including household pets. Instead, use natural pest repellants and fertilizers for your garden.
  • Do not use or buy products made from animal skin or parts. If you patronize the product, you are also taking part of killing the wildlife.
  • Provide immediate care for injured animals. If you see any injured animal, you can provide first-aid if you have an experience in doing it. Otherwise, you should contact immediately your local animal care agency to do the job.
  • Volunteer for organizations that aim to save, protect or rehabilitate wildlife. There are various organizations worldwide that were established for various purposes that can benefit the wildlife. If you have spare time, you can dedicate several hours a day or several days during your break to take part in their efforts.
  • Report any illegal activities which you think are doing harm to the animals. If you know of illegal fishing or illegal hunting of exotic animals in your area, don’t hesitate to report it to the authorities.

These are just some of the simple ways that you can do to help in protecting the wildlife. There are no small or simple efforts when it comes to saving, rescuing and protecting the wildlife. Every effort counts. And now is the best time to make your efforts count.

Green Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Getting pregnant is a very joyous and magical occasion. Imagine a woman, being given the ability to bring forth life in this earth, it certainly is indescribable! You first missed your period for several days and dismiss it as something else, several more days pass and still nothing, finally you decide to test yourself if indeed you are pregnant, and happily you are! Now things get going around in your mind, many questions pop up like; how you will proceed with your pregnancy, how to tell your husband, relatives and friends about it, what pregnancy announcement ideas to use and other matters. You begin to worry about how to tell and share your happiness with them. Of course, you want it to be special and you want everyone to remember this moment of renewal. What better way to express it than thinking about nature.

Nature is life and giving birth is its process of renewal. Announcing your pregnancy with nature in mind is both easy and memorable, just let your imagination soar and you will be fine. Still not convinced?  Here are some ideas which might let you rightly choose what approach to take in this very important moment of your life.

A Bun in the Oven

Bun signifies your baby, and the oven is your womb. Surprise, surprise! It may take them a little while to realize what they are looking at. But once they eventually comprehend what the bun is doing in the oven, be ready for a reaction worth talking about in the years to come. In keeping with our theme of nature conservation, use only organic and unadulterated wheat in making of the bun. Genetically modified wheat, according to certain studies, poses health risk not noticeable immediately and manifests itself in certain afflictions like diabetes and heart disease.

A Budget Blunder

Act seriously and tell your husband that you did something expensive and that you both need to talk about it. Tell him to add up your bills first and when he asks you for a pen give him the positive EPT kit and watch for his reaction. He may think it is some form of highlighter pen or something but when he does realize it, coupled with the budget expense being untrue, his reaction would be priceless. Before anything else, make him commit to you that you both must start to conserve electricity immediately. Some of the electricity that we use in our homes are generated by burning fossil fuels, which in turn causes pollution and damages our atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

An Innocent Looking Gift

This one requires not too much thinking as the other two. And it also could be one of many things, like a card made of recycled paper which says, “You are going to be a new dad” or “Congratulations, your swimmers made it” and other phrase that suits the one you are sending it to. You can also send out mementos like crocheted baby socks or recycled baby bottles and even books made of recycled paper. Just always remember, to use materials that are in line with the protection and conservation of our environment. Think recycled and handmade items.


Carrying a child in your womb is like the earth holding us in its bosom, in that, we don’t harm the one’s that provides for us and keeps us alive. Let us make the conservation of our home planet a daily habit and infuse it in everything we do. Our awareness to it is the first step towards realization of a cleaner, more habitable planet. You owe it to the child you are bringing into this world.