How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Being a responsible dog owner does not mean just feeding, sheltering and vaccinating your pet. There is more to being a responsible pet owner. You should know that dogs are naturally inquisitive and playful. If left unleashed outdoors, they could destroy gardens, poop anywhere, or hurt other people. As a dog owner, there are things you could do and should do to avoid these scenarios:

Leash your dog when outdoors

If you are fond of bringing your dog for a walk in places where pets may be allowed, it would be safe to leash your dog for the sake of other animals and people. Regardless of size, whether you own a husky Pomeranian mix, like the one at, or a German shepherd, leashing is important when you are in a public place. Even if you know your dog to be friendly, other people might see them as a threat to their own safety. Unleashed dogs can also harm animals on their way including birds, and accidentally trample on plants and grasses while playing. Unless it is a designated off-leash area, be sure to always leash your dog outdoors.

Respect no-dog areas

There are public places that are considered “no-dog” areas. They may include nature parks which serve as a wildlife habitat for many animals. These places are sensitive to dogs as there are animals and plants that may be possibly harmed with your dog’s presence, either on or off-leash. As a pet owner, you can help protect these wildlife areas by not bringing your dog when visiting these places.

Scoop the poop

A dog’s poop is a raw sewage containing harmful organisms such as Leptospira, E.coli and even roundworms. If left on the ground, the organisms in it could be washed into streams and rivers when it rains. Children, other dogs and wildlife may contract these organisms and suffer health problems. To avoid this havoc, be ready with your poop bag and scooper when taking your dog out.

Find off-leash areas

Your dog also deserves freedom to play, run and socialize. Your city or municipality should have designated off-leash areas for dogs. You could bring your dog to these places once in a while.

Keep your surroundings safe for your pet

Exposure to harmful chemicals causes death and serious health problems such as cancer among dogs. As an owner, be sure that your dog is not exposed to these harmful chemicals. One way to do it is to clean-up any oil and chemical drippings in your garage as soon as you are done fixing your car. Do not use toxic pesticides or herbicides in your yard or garden. Also, it would be good to use non-toxic cleaners in your home. Doing so will not only protect your dog but also the environment.

Being a responsible dog owner is thinking about the welfare of other animals, people and the environment. By observing the tips mentioned here, you can have an enjoyable time with your dog outdoors without affecting others or causing damage to the surroundings.